Tricks & create your own stylus pen

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Close the app to receive more words
If  you don’t like the words you get  you can “bomb ” the words for a new set of words, but that will waste your coins! Instead kill the Draw something app when you’re at the word choice screen. On relaunch you will continue at the same screen but you will get different word choices .

Use of colour
to quote somebody: “Coloring outside the lines is a fine art.” Hmm,.. indeed!,. With a large selection of options you will have  a better chance to draw your word, buy them wisely as they cost a fair amount of coins.

Use a pen / stylus
Especially on a tiny  iphone screen  getting some details into your drawing with “your clumsy thick fingers”   can be cumbersome. Below you will find a movie of how to create a stylus pen yourself in only a few minutes.

Cheater!  writing words full
Don’t use fullout written words, but the use of arrows  are fine,  seeing a word fully written out is no fun at all,  games are meant to be fun, play the game or get out, using arrows is a different matter and are fine to use in my opinion .

What is your opinion in this? Let me know below!


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