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The Draw Something App is a great app on pretty much all devices! I play on my iPhone with my friends, but I also play on my Kindle Fire with my friends! It is a great app and passes the time when you are out and about or just plain bored. The app is easy to use and easy to make purchases if you want more bombs or hints.

### The Tips & Tricks for experienced players is farther down in this review! ###

Game Base:

Draw Something is a pictionary-like app that is addictively fun but beware there are random matches. You can play with friends through Facebook and Contacts.


The game can be both easy or hard, depending on who your opponent is and the extent of his or her artistic abilities. If you’re playing someone who can draw, it’s sometimes easier to guess the object but if you’re not then it could be harder for you to guess the image or may result in you not being able to finish the current game and having to delete/end the match.
Things that are not so great about the game is there is no chat or messaging options, but players can write words in the drawing space.


Draw Something contains no alcohol, tobacco, or drugs in the game, but since it’s entirely focused on user generated content, there’s always the chance that other players could expose kids to these things. Some safety concerns. The game can match players with random opponents, who are usually strangers. Players can draw disturbing images and there’s no way to filter whatever they create.

Chat in Game:

There are no chat or messaging options, but players can write words in the drawing space. Players can also log in to Facebook to challenge people they’ve friended. Players can buy extra “bombs,” which eliminate letters to choose from, making it easier to guess the object; they can also buy color palettes, which can be used to make more intricate drawings. The free version of this game also has numerous ads.


There’s no bad language in the game, but since it’s entirely focused on user generated content, there’s always the chance that other players could write obscene words in their turn. Overall the Ease of Play rating is 8/10. This is a great game and would be recommend to almost any age from 5-90+ great for family nights and fun to play at parties!

In-Game Pricing:

The prices for “bombs” and other in-game resources are reasonable and not to much for a in-game tool.

Overall Experience:

The Overall game experience for Draw Something is a whopping 9/10! The reason is due to easy access to all abilities and easy game mechanics!


My Review:

It is not just a frivolous game, you have to THINK. You have to use your brain to determine what the other person is drawing and you must engage your brain again to come up with a drawing for the word you choose. I can not draw, so that part of the game is doubly challenging. You can either grind out or actually sit and play the game. It’s makes me have to Google sometimes but I don’t like the fact that I Google things! Overall Great app for time passing!

Tips & Tricks:

– These are some tips on how to get better on the game or just some simple tips to help you out whilst playing the game!
If you can’t guess what your friend is drawing.
– Bombs are your friends and are a precious item! They delete a certain of letters to help you guess what the word might be if you cannot guess it but you should only use the bomb when you absolutley cannot think of anything to guess. Once you start throwing bombs down at every puzzled act, you will run out before you know it.

– Screen size is key! If you have a iPhone you know that when you are playing against someone on Draw Something that has a iPad you know that their pictures usually look better than a average iPhone players. This is due to having much more finger room and being able to see where their finger is and is headed to! So tip is to get a tablet!

– Tips from Zynga themselves!

– Draw an arrow to help point out your word in busy drawings.

– Create a animation like thing using the trash button. Even good for words like “sunburn” and “werewolf” creating a gif type thing!

– Remember any shared jokes or personal references when drawing for a friend. (it will indeed make a great joke in the future)

– Combine two images to make words like “star + fish”

– It’s hard to draw “HULK” without green. Buy the Mardi Gras package first to get the much-needed green and purple.

– Use the eraser tool to refine messy edges.

– Checkout other people’s drawings and get inspiration


– Keep it Simple! Keeping it simple is the most important thing of Draw Something. If there is to many things going on in the picture then it will be harder to decipher what the actual drawing is!


– Imagination is Key! If you do not have a very good Imagination this game is not for you! It is good to keep a open and suggestive mind. If you lack imagination this game is not for you in any way!


– Offline is Possible! It’s possible to play offline. Fire up the app while you still have a connection to let games update. When you’re offline, you can play to your heart’s desire, and all your progress will be saved the next time you’re online


– If you want to play with random people you can randomly search for players but if you want to play with friends or family members is when you have your Facebook account attached to Draw Something!


Thank you for reading my review and Tips & Tricks on the Draw Something App! Thank you for reading and please if this helped you give it to a friend or just share the link on Youtube, Facebook, or any other Social Media site! Again I say Thank you because this took a lot of time to type :p so thank you so much!

Have a Great Day!



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