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Drawing something application is not just fun, but it is one of the most popular social gaming that you can engage in. The game never stops being interesting. The more you become creative in your drawing, the more words you learn. There are over fifty million users from different countries who participate in this game. Drawing app is like a casino and the only difference is that you draw an image instead of using dices. Make it as difficult as possible for your partner to guess what you have drawn. There is no haste in guessing what your opponent has drawn. One can take as much time as possible although you might lose your opponent in the process of waiting.

Unlike other social games where you only play with regular people, this entertainment is for everybody. Do not get surprised if you end up playing with your favorite celebrity as you opponent. Draw something app has not been around for long, yet the application has attracted a huge number of people from different countries. On ninth September last year drawing something cheat become available for Nokia touch and other smartphones. This increased the number of visitors that the domain had accumulated and gained great interest.

Win awards and other prices with draw something

Most games are played for fun. Draw something 2 letter words is a game with prices for every winner. For you to win, you need to learn all the drawing tricks that are available on the tutorial. This acts as a guideline for you and you can test your skills in the real game. Another incredible feature in this game is the stars. This is a great achievement that you can use to acquire extra accessories that you can use in your game. Depending on what you wish to have, you can accumulate words and hints that can earn you more points.

Here are other tips that you can follow in order to earn you more stars:

  • Playing regularly is one of the best ways to earn you points. This means you must complete a full draw within five days or else you will not be credited for your effort
  • Draw something solver can also be played without the internet. Playing offline is not a waste of time since you can resume with you drawing once your internet is active again.
  • If you do not have time to complete your drawing, you can always recycle your previous saving and proceed on from where you had left.
  • Keep your profile active by uploading different sketches on your profile. It is also advisable to add a bit of style by using customized text.


You cannot rank top by spending your coins. The most common way that people spend their coins in this game is by using their bombs. You can use bombs to get new words. However, there is another alternative of acquiring new set words on your screen without using the bomb. All you need to do is exit the game, stop the multitasking feature and start the application again. This is one the most convenient methods of acquiring new words at no cost.

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