Improve Your Art: Draw Something Tips

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Are you having trouble creating recognizable images that can be quickly guessed by your opponents? Do you find it difficult to transfer your creative images ideas into Draw Something designs? Here are a few tips on how to go about improving the images which you send via this great game.  Buying colors is something which will almost certainly help you to improve on your drawings. If you look at any game, whether it be Angry Birds or Partypoker, you’ll notice that they employ a good range of bright colours to make any images and graphics used a clear as possible.

When it comes to Draw Something, this is not an option which is immediately available. You can, however, acquire a wider palette of colors, which can be useful in making sure that your drawings are clear and easily guessable. Avoid adding unnecessary or complicated details. It is wise to remember that Draw Something does not have an ‘undo’ option, so if you mess up, you may need to start over. Plan ahead and think about what it is that you really need to include. If a detail is not essential to your picture, then you might be better off leaving it out. Having said this, it is also good to remember that Draw Something is not a timed game, and so you should take your time drawing any details which do matter.

It goes without saying that if you have a tablet option available to you, then this is what you should use. Unlike playing Draw Something on a smartphone, tablet devices will give you far more space to create detailed drawings, as well as a stylus to provide extra precision. Often, it can also prove beneficial to also place your tablet (or phone) on a flat surface to draw, rather than holding it in your hands. All these tips can prove useful in helping to improve your Draw Something technique!

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