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Draw something app is one of the most downloaded mobile applications in the world today. The game was sold to Zynga at a price of a hundred and eighty million dollars, fifty days after its launching. After a short period of time, the brand advanced the application for use on IOS systems found on smartphones and IPods.

This made it more interesting for players to enjoy the game from anywhere in the world. All you need is internet connection in order to join the ongoing matches. Another alternative is to play the game on two player mode. This is more convenient since you do not need to access the internet in order to play the game.

Playing as two players is much fun since there are no other opponents waiting in turn. Once your opponent draws something, it is up to you to bit the timer and give an answer within sixty seconds. Once you draw the word, you switch role with your partner for him or her to start guessing. If time runs out before they give an answer, you get awarded a few points for the drawing and your partner has to wait for his her turn to earn a score.

Playing draw something as two players

Guessing becomes more difficult when playing in two. Due to this fact, there are a number of tools that have been provided for players in order to simplify their guessing. This is by the use of bombs which eliminate a series of words that are not used in the drawing. This acts as a hint for you and gives you a clue of what the drawing is. However, the bombs are not free of charge and cost you a few coins or points that you have accumulated.

You can try this out by playing the free version first before becoming a premium member. This gives you the opportunity to experience the real game before upgrading your membership. The free version is limited in the number of words available for drawing. This means your fun will be cut short after a period of hours. The premium version has more than two thousand words including free add.

New tools and features available for draw something 2

Bombs are not the only reliable tools available for draw something 2, there are more tools available to turn your drawing into a fun experience. This includes more colors which you can use to create a better demonstration of what you are drawing. Drawing the word using the appropriate color for the object creates a hint for the guesser.

Other tools that have been added to the toolbox include stamps, brushes which you can use for thick painting and pens for better drawing. Social functioning is impressive when it comes draw something, this is due to the fact that, you do not need to wait for players to resume where you had left off, since you can select another match randomly.


As you upgrade your member ship, the game becomes more interesting and challenging for the next drawing. You also upgrade to new features that you can use on draw something app.

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