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So, I did misplace  my old  draw something stylus and picked up a new one from Amazon; the elago Mini Stylus Pen to be exact,  So a good reason for a short review!
its good to know that in the absence of a good pen this app can prove harder to play then needed.

After snooping around the internet for the best pen to use on my iPhone and iPad, I came across elago Mini Stylus Pen and decide to give it a try. I am one of those persons who always use to carry pen around and with this Stylus Pen I was successful in targeting two birds with one arrow. Not only was I able to use it for draw something stylus app but also for other writing purposes on my iPad.

This pen is designed and manufactured by elago and is perfect with the capacitive touch screen model devices available in the market such as iPhone or iPad. This pen is made up of standard soft rubber which is used by majority of the stylus capacitive pens; it is also hollow for users to maneuver easily. The capacitive rubber here will help you when you end up in drawing pictures at you iPads or iPhones; a perfect draw something stylus pen wich works a bit better than my old one.

However if your not know to a stylus  drawing with these stylus pens takes a bit of practice, it did require for me. The thick body coupled by the full round tip will suit you well as it did for me.

This light weighted pen gives you a smooth and damage free exploration of any touch screen devices. The contact is made through the rubber angled tip present at the front; it gives enough support for a proper flow and also replicates the touch of your fingers with the screen. As compared to the larger version of the Elago pen, this elago Mini Stylus Pen offers more control and makes it easyer to draw better.

The compact and simple design makes it portable, the dimensions of this pen are .2″ x .2″ x 2.6″ and weight being a mere 2.4 ounces. The customers also get a full one year warranty from the company.


To conclude

To conclude I think this is a  perfect draw something stylus pen to be used with the app,  as its  light weight- you can easily carry it around, the design can be trusted and will not break easily, there is an integrated strap present which effectively connects to your headphone jack, feels very comfortable with your fingers.

Few of the benefits that you will get using this pen for you iPad and touch devices is tapping and drawing capability. This elago Mini Stylus Pen makes drawing with the touch screens all more easily. and your drawwings better.

Wich Draw something stylus are you using ?
let us know below!


  1. draw something cheat September 14, 2012 at 8:12 am - Reply

    Your post is very nice.I Really impressed to read this.I want to see your next posts.

  2. Ann October 13, 2012 at 2:44 am - Reply

    Adonit is a great stylus. It’s like drawing with a pencil. And you can replace the plastice ditzel when it (inevitably) breaks. Tried others; this is the best. Others were like trying to draw with a tampon.

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