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Free game applications for download are as many as one could imagine. However, not all of them are considered to be reliable in terms of fun and entertainment. This is due to the fact that, some of this application may cost you money in return of their services. In the recent times, free game app has become the source of draw something. This is more than a game and the founder of draw something solver had more in mind than just entertainment. The free game apps was introduced in the market for learning purposes, but it become more popular on social networks as time passed by.

What is interesting about the game is that you do not compete with the pc or smartphone, but rather with other participants located in different places. It is a game that can be understood by all and played by all. Even without joining any match, you can become part of the game by watching as a participant. From visual illustrations, you can easily learn the game from the side and join in on the next match.

Draw something app is also interesting since you are allowed to guess the drawings of other players even though the application identifies you as a guest. This is a great way of learning how to play since you won’t have anything to loose.

Customize your profile

Customizing your profile makes it look appealing to you and to other players. It is also a way of creating an identity and sticking to it. You can do this by changing your profile picture and other tools. You can also customize on your timer and use other drawings to replace it. Another tool that would also be interesting to change is the drawing pencil. This is because most people use the regular tool that is provided by the application. Due to this fact, you can change your drawing tool to make it look more unique and astounding.

Draw something new release is not any different from the current drawing game. The only thing that the new release has is new features. Otherwise, the rules are still the same. There are also new words added to new version, although you can get new words on the previous version by using coins. If you enjoy video games and would like to enjoy something with more graphics and great quality, you can go for draw something 2.

You can also download the draw something cheat on your IPhone or iPod. To save you time and hassle on where you can download the application, visit the free game apps on any app store and fulfill your request. If the domain does not offer it for free, then it would probably be at a cheap price.


Most application stores have both versions for download. You can start with the old version if you are new to the game and upgrade with time. The cost of upgrading your membership is the same with that of acquiring the latest version. However, by the time you upgrade to the new version, you will be more experienced and perfect at your guessing.


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