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Just some updates i recieved from OMGPOP

The OMGPOP  team is working hard around the clock get things to 100% so you can continue to have fun without interruption. So thank you for your patience! You can also follow http://twitter.com/WeDrawSomething for updates!

Some things you should know:

1 – Please Get the latest update if you have not already! It fixes most issues and adds new features. Our latest Draw something app  update was released September 4th, 2012!

2 – in case  you are an Android user, and having problems – please clear your cache for Draw Something – this helps solve lots of common issues,
here’s a nice guide we found: http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2016

3 – in case you are requesting a new password,it might be best checking your spam filters for our password email. please do Add members@mail.omgpop.com to your address list, then if in doubt do request your PW again if you didn’t get the email! If a password does not work, it’s possible the i’s and L’s look the same (l and I), and the O’s and zeroes look similar also , so try and copy and paste it from your phone if your able!

Some pointers on spam mail settings

Hotmail/Live/MSN: http://forums.omgpop.com/omgpop-owners-manual/2887-how-whitelist-omgpops-email-so-you-get-our-messages-confirmations.html

Yahoo: http://forums.omgpop.com/omgpop-owners-manual/4225-how-whitelist-yahoo-so-you-dont-miss-any-omgpop-emails.html

Gmail: http://forums.omgpop.com/omgpop-owners-manual/4276-how-whitelist-gmail-tutorial-so-you-dont-miss-any-omgpop-emails.html

Mobile Me: http://forums.omgpop.com/omgpop-owners-manual/4270-how-whitelist-mobileme-so-you-dont-miss-any-omgpop-emails.html



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  1. Pam January 21, 2013 at 12:05 am - Reply

    Draw something is stuck. It requires a password that I don’t even remember putting in. Now it wants a password won’t send me one when I ask for it and I can not play. I just recently started playing and love the game. Can you help?

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